Quality versus Quanity Part3: The List

My Quality list while not a short one has become a measuring stick for me when I meet a potential daddy, I have learned that the more traits they have on my list the more interested and attracted I am going to be.  Now you might think that money will be on the top of my list and although it does make my list it does not top it.  Why?  Many people have wealth or at least have the means to afford a sugar babe, however, money does not mean a man who has desirable traits except green backs.  I put the mutual back into the meaning of mutually beneficial arrangement for my sugar experiences.  In doing this I took back my sugar power as I got caught in a rut of giving my power away thinking I was obligated to respect and treat the person with dignity that I was in an arrangement with even if it was detrimental for me.  After my experience with Mr. Bobble-head I viewed it as a wake up call.. except for his drinking he was actually very pleasant, kind, and generous.  All desirable traits except for the alcohol consumption.  One night I sat with pencil and paper in hand and looked at what I thought Quality was for starters.My definition as  applies to a SD: a characteristic trait that defines the apparent individual nature of a potential sugar.  I searched online and found the best definition on your dictionary which states:(retrieved at http://www.yourdictionary.com/Quality )
  1. any of the features that make something what it is; characteristic element; attribute
  2. basic nature; character; kind
  3. the degree of excellence which a thing possesses
  4. excellence; superiority
  5. Now Rare position, capacity, or role
    1. Now Rare high social position
    • Now Chiefly Dial. people of high social position  Approaching my sugar search as I do my studies in school I look for excellence : my grades in school are important to me.. so why not apply this to my search in a SD?  Hence, my list was born with me sitting on the bed in only a little teddy with no underwear and slathered up in lotion.. which was so appropriate for my mood that night. My list:
    1. Honesty: both vocally and through media means.. for example the picture you send to me via email is actually you and current not from 25 years ago..
    2. Well Mannered!
    3. Financial Honesty:  again a category separate from basic honesty... because it is not important that I know exactly how much you make so state less if you are uncomfortable with a SB knowing but never over exaggerate as this is pure fake and I use income guidelines to determine if a SD can afford to be in an arrangement with me.
    4. Respect: yes mutual respect how can we get respect if we do not give it when deserved
    5. Be a gentlemen...it is more than opening up doors...it is knowing how to treat others with dignity and respect both in public and in private.
    6. Appreciative: If my SD appreciates what I do for him he will most likely be true to his word and make sure my allowance is always delivered promptly because the arrangement is really about appreciating each other.
    7. Clear Realistic Expectations:  This for me is a deal breaker... both sides need to express what their expectations are in clear realistic terms, a potential SD needs to speak up and let me know what his expectations are so I can determine if they are in mesh with my own.
    8. Considerate:  Being thoughtful, and considerate of my needs to me means being open to some extent and not putting me in a position that makes me feel fear or great discomfort.
    9. Practices healthy living to some degree.. social drinking is fine but every day over indulgence is not.. and taking care of ones body just lets us know how sweet it can be if he develops a little stamina under the sheets... oh so delicious.
    10. Has a complete profile which captures a little bit of the successful man... not one that is full of fake boastful brags.. men of power who have made it do not need to toot their own horn so loudly.
    11. Financial Stable: yep money is not first folks... financial honesty is up there but having the money means little if he is not interested in showing his appreciation .  In finance often a SD will take hits in the stock market or even in his own business and at times find himself in a predicament where cash flow is tight for short periods of time.  Knowing he can still show his appreciation for what I do for him is so important.
    12. Easy Going Personality:  Yes, personality matters.. if you want a successful arrangement you need to search for a personality that will mesh with your own.  Does he take himself too serious?  Life too serious?  Does he enjoy humorous stories and likes to laugh?  Get to know the personality before the thickness of the wallet if you are searching for an arrangement that will last longer than a month or two.
    13. Diplomatic and Positive:  A man who practices diplomacy is such a turn on for me.. he knows how to meet half way and how to avoid drama by doing so.  Having a positive upbeat view on life is an added plus.
    14. Communication: Writing Style demonstrates intellect and when talking on the phone I look for his ability to communicate in a clear distinct manner, I also note topics that he demonstrates little knowledge of that gives me clues to his honesty level.
    15. Demonstrates a knowledge of what a good sugar arrangement is!  This is not a deal breaker when it is a newbie SD but he must be open to understanding the it is not buying sex but actually based on appreciating each other and what both do for each other to make it mutually beneficial for me it is about him providing an allowance but it is also about building trust and open communication and making each meet better than last.
    16. Well Dressed when appropriate.
    17. Mentor: be willing to share knowledge and teach to some extent.
    18. Suave and Sophisticated:  for me this is desirable but never a deal breaker if he has manners. ;)
    19. Location:  I live in the U.S.A. so for me it is desirable that he live in the U.S. but if he comes monthly to this country I do think about it.  Another state is not a deal breaker for me.. and it is fun to play away from home.
    20. Talk meets Walk: well-spoken – smart, articulate and witty in real life if it is listed on a profile.. just be who you are and avoid the airs.. no one enjoys lies.Well this is my top 20.. some are definately character traits and others are qualities that can be developed.  What is on your top 20 list?  And SD's what is on yours... what qualities are you looking for.  On a lighter note an update on me.. I have entered a new sugar arrangement and yes finally one with quality but very limited time and not as wealthy as I had hoped but is generous with what he can offer and has presented the first month the day we agreed to an arrangement and he suggested due to his time restrictions that I might want a second SD to make up for the difference.  And yes ladies he meets all except 2 on my quality list..;) Happy Hallow!


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